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Wednesday, October 09, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Magazine and Amusement parks.

Germany's fastest coasters

And the winner is: Silver Star
Speed junkies among German coaster freaks would have had all reason to be happy after the fastest roller coaster in the world "ring°racer" was placed in 2009 more or less on their doorstep, within the motorsports complex Nürburgring to be more precise. Built by the American company S&S Power, the coaster is not particularly tall nor long, but according the manufacturer, it should reach a top speed of 217 km/h. However, the project remains on hold. Given the case that it will be open to the public in near future, it is quite clear that it won't beat 170 km/h.

"Silver Star" at Europa-Park is consequently still on top in Germany. Compared to the announced speed of the long-expected racer, the popular coaster with "only" 127 km/h would have been operating at snail's pace since 2002, but at the end of the day this difference in speed doesn't mean at all that the South German steel monster is weaker – the thrill factor is woken by its height of 73 m and its extraordinary track.

The fact that a breath-taking ride experience doesn't necessarily have anything to do with record-breaking speeds show, for example, the second place coasters "Colossos" at Heide-Park and "Expedition GeForce" at Holiday Park. Both competitors not only share second place when it comes down to speed, the also simply impress by their overall package. For all doubters out there: when Holiday Park's number one attraction opened in 2001 more than a few coaster enthusiasts with internet access began rating "Expedition GeForce" the best roller coaster in the world. It should be noted that quality has nothing to do with records – speed doesn't guarantee fun.

The fastest roller coasters in Germany

N° 1: Silver Star, Europa-Park (127 km/h)
N° 2: Colossus, Heide Park (120 km/h)
N° 2: Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park (120 km/h)
N° 3: blue fire, Europa-Park (105 km/h)
N° 3: Desert Race, Heide Park (105 km/h)
N° 3: Sky Wheel, Skyline Park (105 km/h)

The fastest roller coasters in Germany

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  • Bild aus Fotogalerie<br />© Heide Park Resort
  • Der Freizeitpark Holiday Park in Haßloch<br />
  • Europa-Park Blue Fire<br />
  • Bild aus Fotogalerie<br />© Parkteam AG
  • Bild aus Fotogalerie<br />© Skyline Park

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