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Tuesday, January 15, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Future plans for Plopsaland

 © Plopsa
© Plopsa
Artwork of the new hotel
The Belgian Plopsa group seems to have a lot planned for the upcoming years. After announcing the new roller coaster scheduled to open in 2014 at the Palatine amusement park Holiday Park and the interest in buying Berlin's Spreepark, it is investing heavily in Plopsaland De Panne in the medium term. The theme park located on the Belgian coast will probably be able to launch the first new attraction this year already.

Situated right next to the indoor attraction Majaland opposite the main entrance, the new theatre facility seating 1,300 persons will provide entertainment regardless of weather conditions. According to own reports, the construction, which is currently in full swing, will swallow up around five million EUR. Unfortunately, there is no information on the show so far. However, it can be assumed that the target audience will be families with small children, and that characters from the company's voluminous licence offer are likely to perform in it, too.

The next step of the upcoming expansion should be finished in 2014. The indoor water park "Plopsaquaā€¯, which will amount to 16 million EUR, will then include a wave pool, lazy river, children's pool, spa area and several water slides. It remains to be seen whether the expected capacity of up to 900 persons would be sufficient in the long run, considering an amusement park of Plopsaland's size, particularly as Plopsaqua is supposed to serve as a substitute for the municipal swimming pool which seems to have already got a bit long in the tooth by now. The course of the new portfolio ends with a park-owned hotel in 2015. Scheduled to be located right next to the entrance area and water park, the hotel will most likely be themed to pirates and is to fit into the overall appearance of the entrance area. The artworks show fairly picturesque images.

The expansion with theatre, water park and hotel is an excellent way to make Plopsaland more weather-independent and, above all, an important step towards creating resorts in order to attract potential visitors out of the park's catchment area and thus boost visitor numbers. At the same time, the Belgians prove that they have seen which way the wind's blowing. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what Plopsa has in store for its visitors in future ...

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