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Four innovations at Slagharen

Built under the name Ponypark Slagharen 50 years ago, the Themepark and Resort Slagharen today counts as one of the most visited amusement parks in the Netherlands. The operating Bemboom family sold it to the Spanish group Parque Reunidos last year that announced big expansion plans shortly after. However, the anticipated roller coaster, which should have been created there, didn't come into being – the general economic situation in Spain took its toll again.

Instead they built the "Jules Verne Adventureland" with four new attractions in the back area of the park which is set to be opened on the 1st of May. The Rockin Tug "Foggs Trouble", "Magic Bikes" by the Zamperla manufacturer, the splash battle "Expedition Nautilus" by Mack Rides, and the children-driving school "The Passepartout Explorer" are now being the replacement for the not visualized coaster. Unfortunately, a unique theme ride was sacrificed for these innovations: "Ocean of Darkness", a trip into the underwater world with round, two persons folding dive bells, had to go into winter break. This was a hurtful lost for all friends of dark rides, even though the facility surely wasn't up to date to current engineering anymore.

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