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Floods hit amusement park

Particularly those operating outdoor fun centres and amusement parks suffer under unseasonably cold and wet weather. The weather gods have shown very little mercy in the running season. After a way-too-long winter, which forced many parks in central Europe to reschedule their opening date and the launch of new attractions, the rainy Easter holidays additionally did not make the cash tills ring either. And as if this were not enough, heavy rains have caused extensive damage across central Europe.

Aufräumen nach dem Hochwasser © Freizeitpark Plohn
© Freizeitpark Plohn
Freizeitpark Plohn: flood clean-up work
Some of the regions worst hit by flooding are parts of southern and eastern Germany, including the amusement park Freizeitpark Plohn that needed to close from 31st May to 4th June. The places were visitors usually enjoy rides, such as the wooden coaster "El Toro", were affected by water that gushed over the park. Several areas, including the entrance, were flooded. As the regular park operation was impossible, they needed to wait until the water drained off. A few days before, Freizeitpark Plohn had to close earlier due to bad weather. Managing director Lutz Müller said: "The season has been a fiasco so far. Seven months of winter. Then we needed to close during the Easter holidays due to bad weather."

Belantis was another amusement park that had to send visitors back home earlier because of the heavy rainfall. However, the largest theme park in the German state of Saxony seems to be spared from flooding at the moment.

Rides at a number of amusement park in the south of Germany were brought to a standstill, too. The first weekend of June will also be remarkable for the amusement parks Erlebnispark Schloss Thurn and Skyline Park as both needed to shut their doors because of rising flood waters. Southern Germany as well as Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary had to struggle with ceaseless rain almost one week before the disaster. The Austrian amusement park Familienland Pillertalsee is expected to remain close until Friday, 7th June. Instead of speeding up the construction of the new coaster "Big Bang”, they keep cleaning up the damages caused by high waters. One thing is for sure: This season, a large number of amusement parks have to bite the bullet!

© parkscout/AF

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