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Euro Attraction Show

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EAS 2012 in Berlin

Euro Attraction Show
Announcement of a new roller coaster for Liseberg at the stall of MACK Rides
Every year the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), the worldwide umbrella organization of the amusement industry, invites to the Euro Attractions Show – a European trade fair for the whole industry sector, which took place from 9th to 11th October in Berlin this year. More than 350 exhibitors in five fair halls were advertised, 8.000 visitors from more than 100 countries were expected – among them numerous decision-makers of Europe's most important amusement parks, of course.

Not only this year's Euro Attractions Show was the biggest in its long lasting history but also it displayed the newest trends in amusement industry and with about 20 hours lasting workshops it offered an attractive business environment for this meet and greet of the whole industry. Manufacturers of roller coasters and rides were part of the fair as well as ticketing companies, candy makers or producers of plush toys and video games.

In a quite minute at the trade fair we were able to have a short interview with Jakob Wahl, Programme Manager at the IAAPA Europe, who has made significant contributions to this year's EAS.

Jakob Wahl © Jakob Wahl
© Jakob Wahl
Jakob Wahl, Programme Manager IAAPA Europe
Parkscout: Which meaning does the European market have for the worldwide amusement industry?

Jakob Wahl: Europe still is one oft the most important markets worldwide, and this on a very high level, as the development in Turkey or the Eastern European countries with their exciting new projects show for example. All in all, nearly 400 million Euro are invested in the 300 parks in Europe every year; an amount, that underlines the industry's impressive dimensions.

Parkscout: Many exhibitors already were very satisfied on the first day of the trade fair. May this also be rooted in this year's location Berlin?

Jakob Wahl: For sure, Berlin as a location close to Eastern Europe does matter. But there are also further factors – many parks are now looking ahead positively into the future after a bad season's start because of a prosperous August and September, for example. Besides that it becomes clear that the Euro Attraction Show is THE venue for the whole industry in Europe. It simply is ”the place to be”.

Parkscout: We have noticed that there are several 3D-, 4D- and 5D-projects among the exhibitors, even tending to a great interactivity...

Jakob Wahl: Still, the multi-dimensional attractions are definitely on the rise. These are very popular attractions which are favoured by many operators because of their low acquisition costs as an alternative to big projects of several million Euro. Maybe they are even more present this year because they have a certain size and a certain sound level.

Impressions of the EAS in Berlin 2012

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  • Euro Attraction Show<br />
  • Euro Attraction Show<br />
  • Euro Attraction Show<br />
  • Euro Attraction Show<br />
  • Euro Attraction Show<br />
  • Euro Attraction Show<br />
  • Euro Attraction Show<br />

Parkscout: Besides the exhibition there are seminars on different topics relating the amusement industry. Are these accepted by the visitors quite well?

Jakob Wahl: Yes, definitely. In preparation of the fair the interesting topics were discussed by a special commission to ensure the park operators and their interests will get reached. In addition to that we decided to hold the workshops in the respective national language of the hosting country respectively to translate them simultaneously.

Parkscout: While amusement parks, indoor and water parks are featured extensively on the EAS, it attracts attention that zoos are not. Why is that the case?

Jakob Wahl: At first it has to be said that zoos which are settled more on an adventurous field are much better attracted by the EAS than traditional ones. But on principle, many of the products and services offered at the EAS of course are interesting for all zoos. The reservation seems to be an European phenomenon. On the trade fair in Orlando, for example, there is an own day for zoos and aquariums, which is sold out every time.

© parkscout/MV/AM

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