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Dorney Park, Cedar Fair's storage room

Half way between the tourist metropolis New York and the industrial and pictorial bridges of Pittsburgh there is an amusement and water park that enthusiasts rather visit on a 'dunno-what-else-to-do' day. One may spend ours trying to find the old glory that Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom used to have before a heart-rending US entertainment company has taken the lead … and almost all glory.

The entrance of Wildwater Kingdom is just a few steps away
Since its beginnings in the late nineteenth century until well into the 1990s, Dorney Park was the perfect destination to escape from busy Manhattan. Just an hour by car and with very good connections to public transport, the amusement park seemed to have a bright future ahead and the progressive expansion of new attractions, that fitted well into the scenery, made history that could be compared to any historic European park.

The ownerships passed from one family member to another, and the administration remained intact for decades up until a new "heir” arrived. All of a sudden the US attractions industry broke down and fierces companies came to light. They guzzled almost every medium-sized or big leisure facility in the country. Back then, Disney, Cedar Fair, Paramount y Six Flags began to play a game of Momopoly, battling for the prime American parks.

Dorney Park fell victim to this voracity, and was sold in whole to Cedar Fair in 1992. From then on, one new attraction followed another one year after year up to the present day, even though that involved the systematic elimination of many rides and coaster of mythical and historical significance.

Patches, remnants and leftovers ...

Although the launching of ever new attractions at the park in Pennsylvania has been a constant undertaking, Cedar Fair has on numerous occasions used Dorney Park as a storage room where old treasures of other parks owned by the company are relocated and redistributed with a new logo, a new coat of paint, passing them off as new in the eyes of the general public. The park is home to upgraded attractions such as the steel coasters Hydra or Talon, plus the powerful hypercoaster Steel Force.

In recent years, it has received "gifts” of dubious quality such as the Intamin u-shaped coaster Possessed (originally coming from Geauga Lake), the Intamin freefall ride Demon Drop (originally coming from Cedar Point) or the newest ride Stinger (a Vekoma steel Invertigo originally coming from California’s Great Adventure).

More impressions

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  • Attraktion im Dorney Park<br />© Jivo
  • Attraktion im Dorney Park<br />© Jivo
  • Attraktion im Dorney Park<br />© Jivo
  • Attraktion im Dorney Park<br />© Jivo
  • Attraktion im Dorney Park<br />© Jivo
  • Attraktion im Dorney Park<br />© Jivo
  • Attraktion im Dorney Park<br />© Jivo
  • Attraktion im Dorney Park<br />© Jivo
  • Attraktion im Dorney Park<br />© Jivo
  • Attraktion im Dorney Park<br />© Jivo
  • Attraktion im Dorney Park<br />© Jivo
  • Attraktion im Dorney Park<br />© Jivo

Dorney Park has definitely become last in the list of Cedar Fair. Whenever there's a new attraction at any park on top of the list, we may rest assured that two, three or four weeks later, it will be 'on storage' in Allentown, PA. This totally destroys the magic of the unexpected, regarding the park's course. Dorney Park fell victim to the cruelty of the North American market which is constantly buying and selling attractions to inflate the parks on the top positions, at the expense of the smaller ones owned by the company that have to be content with the breadcrumbs.

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