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Walt Disney Studios

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Disneyland Resort Paris in the rain

Walt Disney Studios
Walt Disney Studios Park on a rainy day
Actually, we planned on writing about Disneyland Resort Paris under the shining raze of the sun, furnished with new, up-to-date pictures of both parks' famous spring atmosphere. Unfortunately, the weather gods seemed to have something else in mind, because our visit on the Pentecost weekend 2013 was impaired by never-ending, three days of constant rain.

However, these conditions turned out to be less problematic than first assumed. This is more than less because, while planning the resort, Disney considered middle European’s changeable weather and the responsible Imagineers did some adaptions which turn out to be very far-seeing on such rainy days. One of the psychological tricks was not to have the Disneyland castle’s colour to be in white, like in the US, but in an eye-catching pink – that way, this icon of the park still seems atmospheric even on a cloud covered, rainy sky; a white castle would have been too dull under such weather conditions.

Sufficient protection despite rain

The route guidance is also well thought out: With the help of two arcades and a roofed rain-path, visitors to Disneyland Paris get from the Main Street to Frontierland, Adventureland and Fantasyland with dry feet. That way, unlike most other parks where one ends up being completely soaked by the rain, functional protection is provided. Furthermore, with only a few exceptions, most of the park’s attractions are placed in indoor areas, so visitors stay dry while using them – the same takes effect for most waiting queues where visitors are rarely exposed to the unfavourable weather. Since the paths from one attraction to another are pretty short, a rainy weather is almost not negatively noticeable – a lot of other amusement parks, which mostly count on outdoor-rides, clearly have a disadvantage in that case. Apart from this, the rain of course scares one-day visitors without hotel reservation away. That was the reason why waiting times were kept within a limit over the long Pentecost weekend. In addition, especially on such days, Disney’s complimentary Fastpass system is remarkable: At some of the attractions, visitors take a ticket and return for immediate boarding during the specified time slot. While waiting, they can, for example, enjoy a cup of coffee or eat at a restaurant.

Sunny impressions from the Disneyland Resort Paris

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  • Frontierland<br />
  • Frontierland<br />
  • Adventureland<br />
  • Fantasyland<br />
  • Frontierland<br />
  • Frontierland<br />
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  • Bild aus Fotogalerie<br />

Regenschild in Disneyland Park
Warning advices in the park

Plenty indoor attractions

The Walt Disney Studios Park, which is told off by a few fans due to its little stretch of land, can play off its whole strength on rainy days. First, the paths between single attractions are pretty short, second, a lot of attractions have show-character with set entry times. So, while outside there's an ongoing cloudburst, it is possible to sit comfortably inside a restaurant and wait for a show like "Animagique","Cinemagique", "Stitch Live" or "Art of Animation" to start. With the parks' three top attractions "Rock'n'Roller Coaster", "Tower of Terror" and "Crush's Coaster" being completely indoor-rides, there’s no reason to get in bad mood because of bad weather.

No question – of course it is much more convenient when the sun is shining, when the deep blue sky is enchanting the whole resort and when there is no cloud in the sky to worry about. However, it is not going to turn into a catastrophe should the pre-booked short break holiday in the Mouse’s kingdom happens to face bad weather. Both parks each have their own charm which even the worst rainstorm can’t touch. Plus, while local one-day visitors stay away because of bad weather conditions, visitors can expect to get out more of the money paid and experience more attractions than they probably would if the weather was better.

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