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Disney Dreams

Tuesday, July 03, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Magazine and Amusement parks.

Disney Dreams

Disney Dreams
Fire projections on the Sleeping Beauty castle
Fans of Disneyland Resort Paris were quite disappointed. Many had hoped for a big new ride for the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Park which was opened in 1992 and gained a lot of media attention across Europe. But instead of the anticipated "Splash Mountain" the new night-time spectacular "Disney Dreams" is presented in the French park since April. When Disney pronounced the new show regular customers were anything but enthusiastic about it – especially because the park didn't cover itself with glory in the past when it comes to entertainment.

But this time everything turned out differently than expected. It was quite clear from the beginning that "Disney Dreams" would be no light version of an American show, but a unique presentation exclusively produced for the French park. There was extensive work at the Sleeping Beauty castle plaza, fountains were installed in the water ditch, and there were a lot of changes at the castle itself. When Disney announced that Steve Davison would be responsible for the show, fans felt that there was a chance to get a worthy night-time spectacular in Paris at last – the imagineer was the mastermind behind "World of Color" and "Fantasmic!", two beloved premium shows in the U.S.

Mapping on the castle

In brief: Mission accomplished! The new twenty minute show is an amazing multimedia experience with projections on the Sleeping Beauty castle, big water fountains, laser, flamethrowers and fireworks – all synchronously with music. The effects assist each other and go hand in hand to create an overall picture of dreamlike aspects. It's nice to see Disney go without most classic animation masterpieces for "Disney Dreams" - instead they set the scene for characters like "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", "Rapunzel" or "Aladdin".

The Sleeping Beauty castle comes to life by using illusion projections and mapping – there are pixel accurate giant waterfalls or projected fireworks on the castle, the building becomes a canvas. The flamethrowers and the fountains are only add-ons for the projections, and when the grand final starts with all those effects getting loose in a mixture of light, color, fire and pyrotechnics it looks as if the castle is almost exploding. After all, "Disney Dreams" is a perfect birthday present from the park to all of its guests.

Here is a HD video of "Disney Dreams" in full length

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