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Fluch des Teutates im Freizeitpark Plohn. © Freizeitpark Plohn
© Freizeitpark Plohn

Friday, May 24, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Curse of the Teutates!

Fluch des Teutates im Freizeitpark Plohn. © Freizeitpark Plohn
© Freizeitpark Plohn
River rafting ride at Freizeitland Plohn
The Gauls are coming! 2057 years after Gaius Julius Ceasar, the indomitable Gallic comic characters, the titular being a shrewd, small-sized, blond warrior, are landing one of their biggest coups. After a number of comics and films told the adventures of conquering Rome, Britain and The New World, and even having a theme park a bit north of Paris dedicated to their most well-known citizen, the Gauls are spreading across the Saxon amusement park Freizeitland Plohn.

The area of the Japanese Garden will turn into a complete Gallic village within the next few years. First attraction, built by ABC Rides and ceremonially opened on the Pentecost weekend 2013, is the river rafting ride "Fluch des Teutates” (German for "Curse of the Teutates”). In order to get an idea of how the whole theme area might look like in future, it is worth taking a good look at the station built with wood and covered with straw, the fences of short piles and the posts crowned with Roman helmet. Moreover, figures with long braids and horned helmets match perfectly to the theme.

Arriving guests can already see part of Freizeitpark Plohn's newest family attraction right next to the attractions "Drachenschaukel" and "Funny Boats”. Instead of a thrilling log flume ride, a fun rafting adventure draws young and old alike. The river rapids ride features eight circular Gallic rafts in total, seating up to eight passengers each. It first takes them up a hill of around 20 metres. On the way up, they can already imagine what is to be expected from the course. The blue waterway twists and winds its way around curves and after the fist splashdown, at the very latest, it becomes quite obvious that an exciting and varied course lies ahead – especially the final part gives the boats a good shake. One of the first riders who could not escape the splashes was the lovely park mascot Plohni. "Fluch des Teutates" has soon become one of the most favourite rides at Freizeitland Plohn.

© parkscout/AF

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