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Chiapas is growing

An artificial rock formation comes into being
It won't be too long until the new log fume ride "Chiapas" will be ready to be launched at Phantasialand, one of the most popular theme parks in Germany. Embedded in the Mexican section of the park, the ride's track should cover five floors and three catapult elements, one even backwards. Another announcement said that the new attraction, scheduled to be open this summer, is going to feature an angle of inclination of 53 degrees and thus the steepest log fume drop in the world.

After the outstanding settings "Deep in Africa", "Kaiserplatz" and "Wuzetal", Phantasialand reaches one more provisional peak with "Chiapas". Having the enormous dimension of artificial rock formations, the planted mountain and, above all, most of the track running across several floors in mind, it's hard to think of any other European amusement park that well-organised and creative. Of course there are many log fume rides throughout Europe, but only visitors to Phantasialand can find such an impressive setting revealed by the construction pictures – and there is still more to come since a number of theme elements are missing and the indoor parts of "Chiapas" are sure to top quality levels.


To the surprise of many, the two old water attractions were teared down at the end of the summer season in 2011. Owing to the huge empty size, it quickly became clear that Phantasialand is about to create something extraordinary right there. And when the model of "Chiapas" was placed less than a year ago, this assumption proved to be true: the park's newest attraction will be more than just another log fume ride. Its fully-themed area is likely to raise the bar for future projects of this kind considerably, not only in Germany.

Impressions from Chiapas

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