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Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The USA: for many people a real coaster-heaven. Again and again the big players among the amusement parks create new thrilling roller coasters which all pass daring manoeuvres and therefore impress the guests by their size and speed, regardless if they are made of wood or steel, if flying or inverted, or if they rush through multiple loops. Some of these parks will be presented on Parkscout in random order. Smaller amusement parks situated in the land of unlimited possibilities are also included.

Inverted Coaster "Alpengeist"
Busch Gardens Williamsburg, formerly known as Busch Gardens Europe, is a beautiful 383 acre (112 ha) theme park located in the middle of a forest on the East Coast in the US state of Virginia. Owing to its exceptionally attractive design, the park, which is themed around Europe, has won the following prices for the 22nd consecutive year in 2012: 1998 – 2011 Best Landscaping, 1990 – 2012 Most Beautiful Park, and 2005 – 2009 Favorite Theme Park. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is divided into several theme areas. Some of the attractions are indeed outstanding:

Killarney, the Irish section, features a motion simulator ride and the brilliant show "Celtic Fyre”. In the two Italian areas San Marco and Festa Italia visitors can find a spillwater ride which may be considered, without exaggerating, the best-themed of its kind in the world, as well as a dinner show, a rafting ride, and the hypercoaster "Apollo's Chariot”. The main kiddie area at Busch Gardens is named Land of Dragon, replacing the former Grimms Hollow. One of the main attractions in the Oktoberfest section is "Festhaus”, a place full of gastronomic delights where performances of fairy tales are shown several times daily. The Bavarian area also features the drop tower "Märch Tower” and the indoor attraction "The Curse of DarKastle” in which an ancient German king terroizes guests with 3D effects, water, and wind in a motion-simulator style. Coaster enthusiasts are drawn by the multi-launch indoor/outdoor roller coaster "Verbolten” and by one of the world's tallest, fastest, most insane coasters "Alpengeist”, German for Ghost of the Alps.

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  • Bild aus Fotogalerie<br />© Wolfgang Payer

On earth Germany is bordered by France to the west. At Busch Gardens Williamsburg it is exactly vice versa. Its French quarter is known for the log fume ride, a giant show theater and the dive roller coaster towering 205 feet (62 m) "Griffon”. A (kind of) 'water road' runs across the park. In its center, partly built above the water, there is an impressively staged steel roller coaster that contains interlocking loops. The name of this eye-catching attraction is "Loch Ness Monster”, of course located in the Scottish themed area called Heatherdowns. Besides its magnificent surroundings and great attractions, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is remarkable for its, currently six, roller coasters at the highest level – a really special mixture.

Video von Verbolten

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