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Avonturenpark Hellendoorn's newest attraction

Waterslide fans from all over Europe and abroad had been looking forward to spending a splashy day out at the newest attraction of Avonturenpark Hellendoorn. The 6th of July 2013 was the day when Aquaventura Slidepark finally opened its gates. We heard something about the opening in June, so we went there full of expectation – and the slidepark of 5,000 square metres was not yet open to public.

High Dive Stuntshow
The Highdive Show provides spectacular fire stunts
On 28th June 2013, one day before our visit, a VIP opening took place, but not all of the 11 waterslides, some of them are extremely thrilling, were in operation. Those in charge pointed out that a few still needed to be checked and that they would be fixed soon, which would enable Aquaventura to open by the first weekend in July. That prediction later proved them right. On 29th June, there was a lot of construction activity going on, presumably extensive inspection. It has long been clear that the new outdoor slidepark, which does not have a swimming pool, charges an extra fee of 6 euros, and can only be visited by Avonturenpark Hellendoorn guests (combined tickets are available). This rather risky concept has been more or less well accepted by visitors so far.

Whether or not the Aquaventura Slidepark was worth waiting for, the mere visit to Avonturenpark Hellendoorn paid off well. The looping coaster "Tornado", the rapid river ride "Sungai Kalimantan” and the indoor coaster "Rioolrat" (Dutch for sewer rat) belong to the best attractions. The latter takes riders deep into a sanitary sewer. Both the ride itself as well as the path to the station are in the dark. Besides other attractions, such as the interactive "Discovery Club" or the log flume "Wild Waterval", one should not miss the Top Spin "Montezuma's Revenge", the Enterprise "Tarantula Magica" and the family coaster "Donderstenen".

Impressions Aquaventura Slidepark

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Unfortunately, several people in the audience were not quite convinced by the new Highdive Stuntshow. The premier day did not seem to knock their socks off, perhaps owing to the noisy sonic waves. Although the actors did some breathtaking stunts, including a fire stunt and a 18 metre jump, the performance offered that day was more of a slapstick show in which only the host could be related to the advertised pirate theme.

Impressions Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

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It should be noted that Avonturenpark Hellendoorn is not a mekka for coaster freaks, but for families all the more – and since summer 2013 for waterslide fans, too. Actually, the only thing that makes visitors roll their eyes is the relatively high parking fee of 7 euros per car.

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