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Thursday, June 21, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Apocalypse - the end of the world is near

"Apocalypse – The Last Standing" is bringing the end of the world to the Six Flags America. The new attraction in 2012, a stand-up roller coaster manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, will set Maryland's only theme park into a doomsday scenario with the park's eighth roller coaster, which is now taking its turns over an area full of destruction and damage.

 © Six Flags
© Six Flags
Fierily inferno
First climbing about 30 metres up in the air, the train is then winding its way down again through a loop and one corkscrew and passing several changes in direction, till it gets finally stopped in the last break – and this while standing straight in the train. The theming is on a quite high level for Six Flags: the "end of the world”-feeling is created by several crashed down planes and burnt out car wrecks. Well, honestly. It is truly a matter of taste, but if you are a fan of an scenario like this, you will find some nice rudiments in this area. Waiting in the queue line, last pieces of destruction can already be observed at a close rank before facing perhaps the last test of courage of you life – at least this is what should be roused in the guest's minds before entering the train. Combined with some fire and fog effects, the ride will make the trip an experience, the riders will never forget.

Even if the coaster found a new home at SixFlags America, the steel track is not as new as it seems, since it has been bringing seconds of cold sweat to its riders for more than 21 years. Since 1990 this beast has been operating at Six Flags Great America, named Iron Wolf, which makes this coaster the first ever built by the famous manufacturers of B&M. However, such a long operating time is not a drawback, as it has been proven by its relocation this year. Arriving at Six Flags America, the roller coaster got a fresh new painting and by adding these exciting special effects, the ride was truly revived. Maybe that is the way to emerge the feeling you are taking your last trip on earth, because the ride's slogan says "The end is only the beginning” – but hopefully not for this mile stone in the history of roller coaster.

New in 2012 at Six Flags America: Apocalypse

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