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Freizeitparks auf dem Schwarzen Kontinent, Teil 1

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Amusement parks in the South of Africa

If you are on vacation in Africa and do not want to miss a roller coaster ride or another kind of adventure, you can make a trip to the South African Cape and will find - beside the multifarious landscapes and numerous national parks - the biggest and most exiting amusement parks of the Dark Continent.

One of the biggest parks in South Africa is Ratanga Junction, located in Western Cape just in front of the gates of Cape Town, in which more than 30 attractions waiting for the guests willing to experience adventures and thrills under the African sun. Opened in 1998, the destination offers many different rides for families and kids like the two roller coasters "Bushwacker” and "Diamond Devil Run”. The log flume "Monkey Falls” with its drop from 18.5 metres high and aplenty of soaking fun as well as the rapid river "Crocodile Gorge” are both suitable for the short ones and adults as well.

Pure thrills: "Cobra” at Ratanga Junction

But in the almost 800 metre long Inverted Coaster "Cobra” only the brave-hearted and thrill-seekers will find their maximum pleasure. While the wild snake is winding through loops, sidewinders and roll-overs the coaster reaches up to 100 km/h and accelerates the riders with up to 4g, whirling them upside-down in the air. Probably not less thrilling is the free-fall-experience of "Slighshot”, a combination of sky diving and bungee jumping. For those who want to have it more calming afterwards, attractions like an unhurried boat trip or several animal shows are in store.

Another South African amusement park is Gold Reef City in Johannesburg. Since its opening in the 1980s on the area of the Crown Gold Mine, one of the biggest and deepest gold-mines in the world, it is one of the best leisure facilities on the whole African continent. The park presents attractions like white-water rides and roller coasters as well as a clutch of different carousels and shows, which are all themed on the style of the last turn of the century. One of the true highlights is the "Tower of Terror”, a steel coaster, which is not only prominent by its real shaft tower, which formally was part of a gold-mine and now transports the trains 34 metres towards the air, but rather because of the shocking forces up to 6g. Just as a side note: The turbulent journey will also take riders 15 metres below ground.

Gold Reef City: relicts form old mining-times
Still coaster-enthusiasts have more to look forward to at Gold Reef City with its many racy and highly spirited attractions, which all provide great thrills and a lot of action. Just like Rantanga Junction, Gold Reef City is home of a wild and frenetic snake. Taking their first ride in 1999, "Anaconda” still winds through two loops, one zero-g roll and a double corkscrew. Advertising with the slogan "Roar like a frightened lion and sweat like a scared rat - welcome to the Anaconda" it becomes clear that even the fearless will be awestruck by this ride. But there is more to come: sweating and roaring is not unusual on the "Golden Loop” or the "Jozi Express” too, because these two roller coasters cause pleasure and thrill with their speedy courses at Gold Reef City. More rides especially for children and families like the rafting "Raging River Rapids” complete the range of attractions for all ages.

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