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Freizeitparks auf dem Schwarzen Kontinent

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Amusement parks in Northern Africa

Holiday trip and amusement park – this combination also fits well in North Africa. However, in view of the attractions offered in these parks, one cannot deny that real roller coaster enthusiasts don't get as much thrill as it might be expected when visiting North African amusement park.

Families with children, in turn, can enjoy these recreation paradises north of the Sahara to the full. Special mention should be made of Egypt's largest amusement park, Dreampark , situated in Cairo. Inaugurated in 1999, the leading park in Egypt and the Middle East welcomes approximately 2 million visitors a year. Besides the "Roller Coasters” counting 5 loops, a drop tower, and further thrilling rides, it particularly features attractions and shows appealing to families with children.

Welcome to the Orient: Entrance of the Carthage Land
Amusement parks enthusiasts in search of roller coasters and merry-go-rounds make a find in Tunisia too. The small park called Carthage Land is situated in Hammamet, the first tourist destination in northern Tunisia. It attracts families in particular, and is, above all, equipped with rides and attractions themed to the the Orient, including two log flume rides (both one outdoor and one indoor), a ship ride, a kiddie train ride, and several merry-go-rounds, as well as further recreation centres such as the waterpark Aqualand, a little zoo, and the cultural excursion of Médina Voyage. The latter's first attraction is "The Barberousse Dark Ride”, a themed boat ride all about pirate adventures.

Hannibal Park in Port El Kantaoui is another big amusement park under Tunisian flag. It provides family rides in particular such as "Geisterburg” imported from Germany, "Mini 8” roller coaster, or the Viking ship ride, and various merry-go-rounds. However, payment has to be effected before entering each ride, therefore, Hannibal Park seems more like a funfair. Moreover, there is an observation tower overlooking the nice park and its marvellous surrounding.

Funfair-feeling at the Hannibal Park
It should be noted that there are further smaller amusement park, especially off the beaten tourist tracks in the northern part of Africa, e.g. Dah Dah Happy Land in Tunisia, Wonderland Amusement Park in Nigeria, or Parc d'Attractions d'Alger in Algeria. However, to look out for gut-wrenching roller coasters or thrill attractions is in vain. Presumptively, many of the small African amusement park don't have the necessary financial resources to comply with the European or American standards in terms of rides and attractions. Unfortunately, this is often apparent, and there is less maintenance work done in lots of these amusement parks.

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