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Adventure World Warschau © Adventure World Warsaw
© Adventure World Warsaw

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Magazine and Amusement parks.

Adventure World Warsaw

European amusement park enthusiasts find their treats in the neighbouring countries to the west, north and south. When having their sights set on the east however, they still have very little reason to be happy. Actually, the theme park complex Adventure World Warsaw was expected to open its gates in 2015, merely 30 kilometres away from the Polish capital, but the realisation of the project is just a pipe dream, unfortunately …

Adventure World Warschau © Adventure World Warsaw
© Adventure World Warsaw
The park map
The ambitious construction commenced with a groundbreaking ceremony on 21st July, 2012. Besides a theme park, Eastern Europe’s long-awaited tourist attraction was supposed to feature a water park, hotels and an entertainment complex. It should also be pointed out that the proposed infrastructure would have been perfect for Central Eastern Europe’s first large scale theme park – approximately 11.000.000 people live within a periphery of 250 kilometres. Furthermore, the planned motorway from Berlin to Moscow, which should be ready for launching by the previously expected opening date, will be a fast west-east-route connecting Warsaw with Western Europe.

Six themed areas

Published artworks reveal a lovely and detailed theming, thoroughly comparable to Disney. There's a main street with a large hub connecting different areas themed to Egypt, classic Polish fairy tales, a medieval kingdom, a phantasy village, a lost valley and a mystical land.

The amount of 800.000.000 US$, which was invested in the project by an international consortium based in Luxemburg, was at least something that made one's ears prick up. We will never know whether or not the number of 2.000.000 people, who were expected to visit Adventure Land Warsaw in the first years, was a bit too optimistic or not. It wasn't impossible at all considering the absence of any competition within reach, and if they hadn't failed to attract visitiors from neighbouring countries, this would have worked.

Adventure World Warschau © Adventure World Warsaw
© Adventure World Warsaw
Vekoma minetrain coaster artwork
A Vekoma minetrain coaster themed to "Merlin", a Zamperla MotoCoaster, a Vekoma junior boomerang with Egyptian theming, a Mack spinning coaster and an 'icy' launch indoor coaster were the announced attractions, along with a Rafting in an old castle, a Mayan log flume, a Vekoma Madhouse and an interactive Atlantis darkride with splashy and projection effects. The Dutch company Jora Vision, that has already worked for Tivoli Gardens, Efteling, Walibi Holland or Furturscope, was in charge of the park design. In light of all these promising plans, it is more than a pitty that the realisation of the project is just a pipe dream, unfortunately.

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