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A new pleasure: Fun Spot America

For 13 years now, there has been a clear alternative in Orlando for all those feeling drowned by the magnificence of Universal or the magic of gigantic Disney that both have a splendid range of attractions. Here we are talking about a comparatively quite place where we can enjoy rides, new coasters and an incredible collection of go-kart tracks. Like a new phoenix emerging from its ashes, this spot has become Fun Spot America, a worth-visiting amusement park which has been the place to be for every enthusiast in 2013.

The history of the Fun Spot parks dates back many decades when young John Arie Sr. decided to embark on a meteoric carrier in the world of leisure and amusement parks by participating more and more directly in projects such as Fun’n Wheels or all the parks which formed part of the Fun Spot chain in the 80s (Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach) and those that are still open to public (Fun Spot USA in Kissimmee and the new Fun Spot America in Orlando).

Orlando's only wooden roller coaster
The intention was clear right from the beginning: offering a much more affordable and practical alternative for amusement park enthusiasts, allowing them to spend way less money on attractions and huts, which was a tough challenge, even for big park chains or traditional fairs.

With this in mind, they built Fun Spot Action Park in 1997 on a small terrain, surrounded by various areas with ponds, just a few km from Downtown Orlando. This park started with only one but high card: the go-kart tracks. They have, in fact, always been the franchise's visiting card and obtained patents on the designs of the karts and tracks to become a leader in the sector. As the years went by, the park was gradually equipped with rides including an huge Ferris Wheel, an indoor arcade and complementary attractions particularly for families.

The final expansion

But it happened in January 2011 when it became known that Fun Spot Action Park aquired an enormous terrain adjacent to its own site, surely a million investment, seeking to place the park in the heart of Orlando's competitive tourism area (where it is to be found now) adjoining big amusement parks. Two years later, Fun Spot Action park changed its name to Fun Spot America with a size three times as big and a dozen more rides (for instance an Enterprise, a Twister, a merry-go-round or various slides).

The most significant acquisitions are White Lightning and Freedom Fyer. One is a brand new Great Coasters International hybrid woddie that stands out for its smooth ride, extravagance regarding its track design and some really surprising elements – a real treat for those who like to enjoy airtimes and heartline rolls. The other one is a yellow Vekoma inverter that features a one-of-a-kind and dynamic experience, a pure family coaster with certain intense moments.

More impressions

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  • White Lightning<br />© Jivo
  • Freedom Flyer<br />© Jivo
  • Freedom Flyer<br />© Jivo
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  • Paratrooper<br />© Jivo
  • Go-Karts<br />© Jivo
  • Go-Kart<br />© Jivo
  • Fun Spot America<br />© Jivo
  • Enterprise<br />© Jivo
  • Fun Spot America<br />© Jivo

Without a doubt, Fun Spot America has again managed to put the brand Fun Spot on the very top and showed that, in the world of mass-media enterprises and million investments, it is okay to be small and that it is still possible to be successful in the attractions industry with an ambitious mind filled with persistence and tradition, like the one John Arie Sr. used to have.

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