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 © Liseberg Foto: Stefan Karlberg
© Liseberg Foto: Stefan Karlberg

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90 years of Liseberg

Jubiläums-Austellung Göteborg 1923 - Postkarten-Druck erschienen im Axel Eliassons Konstförlang
Gothenburg Anniversary Exhibition in 1923
The Swedish amusement park Liseberg pops the corks in celebration of its 90th anniversary this year. It was on 8th May 1923 that the most popular park in Scandinavia opened, and there has been a great deal of changes ever since. Reason enough for us to look back to Liseberg's exciting history.

The beginning

The ground on which the "AtmosFear" tower, countless roller coasters, Ferris wheels and other fun rides attract visitors today, was the place where the city of Gothenburg celebrated its 300-year anniversary on 8th May 1923. Lots of pavilions, a house of industry and art, a machine hall, as well as a congress and leisure park were constructed on "Liseberget" in the heart of the city. A carousel and a 996 metre long wooden coaster quickly became prime attractions. The latter, built by Danish constructor Waldemar Lebeck, was not superseded until 1987 by "Lisebergbanan". Moreover, people of small stature had been put on show before this attraction was substitued one year after, due to protests. Ample entertainment in a more appropriate way was provided by silhouettes cutters, fortune tellers and fakirs. The little park was originally intended to be only temporary for the anniversary exhibition, but because of its success it was kept open. Liseberg has managed to become one of the most visited amusement parks in Scandinavia over the decades.

The distinctive pink main entrance building has already been welcoming visitors since 1929 – only with one tower back then, the second one resulted from the remodelling work that started in 1939. It appears to be quite obvious that relation to the Gothenburg Anniversary Exhibition, which also greeted visitors with twin towers, has thus been created. A various number of music and dance offerings brought glory and fame, including the inauguration of the still popular dance pavilion "Polketten" in 1926 or the house of mirrors in 1931. As early as 1936, the number of visitors exceeded one million. Today, about three million people visit Sweden's largest amusement park annually. Further highlights were launched in the 40s: show venue "Dansrotundan" (today known as "Rondo") in 1940 and the theatre "Lisebergsteatern" which was originally opened as a planetarium in 1944.

Impressions from Liseberg

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  • Bild aus Fotogalerie<br />© Liseberg Foto: Stefan Karlberg
  • Die Holzachterbahn © Liseberg, Fotograf: Stig Kälvelid" >
  • Abendstimmung am Polkett<br />© Liseberg Foto: Stefan Karlberg
  • Der Launch-Coaster © Liseberg Foto: Stefan Karlberg" >
  • Einer von drei Free-Fall-Towern im Park: © Liseberg Foto: Stefan Karlberg" >
  • Feucht-fröhlicher Raftingspaß auf © Liseberg Foto: Stig Kälvelid" >
  • Lisebergteatern<br />© Liseberg Foto: Stefan Karlberg
  • Liseberg am Abend<br />© Liseberg, Fotograf: Stefan Karlberg

Old meets new

Many new rides were opened especially in the 60s and 70s, including the Ferris wheel "Pariserhjulet" (1967), "Ponnykarusellen" (the "Pony Carousel" was built in 1963 and replaced in 2010), the roller coaster "Super 8" (1966 - 1995), "FlumeRide" (1973) and the family coaster "Cirkusexpressen" (1977 – 2008). On the occasion of the 60th anniversary in 1983, the green-pink rabbit "Lisebergkanin" was introduced as the park’s symbol and mascot. Four years afterwards, Liseberg's first coaster "Gamla Bergbanan", that seated roughly 41 million riders while in operation, had to make way for the steel mine train coaster "Lisebergbanan" - as the future showed, one classic substituted the old one. Opened in 1990 as a comfortable lookout point, the Liseberg Tower had been responsible for the then biggest investment of 110 million Swedish crones in the park's history. The observation tower was converted into the hair-raising drop tower "AtmosFear" 20 years later.

 © Liseberg
© Liseberg
Children enjoying the newest theme area "Kaninlandet"
This year's anniversary is sure to put a smile on kids' faces with its largest investment ever. Filled with several fun attractions, the new children's area "Kaninlandet", which is themed to rabbits - therefore also known as "Rabbit Land", expands upon the former kiddie area to approximately 10,000 square metres, whereas thrill seekers need to show patience until Mack Rides' steel roller coaster "Projekt Helix" will be launched in 2014. However, the greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation, and the already existing attractions, such as one of the best wooden coasters in the world "Balder" (2003) or the hydraulic-launch coaster "Kanonen" (2005), are known to be mighty thrilling alternatives.

The park's unique flair, particularly when it is dark outside, mixed with all sorts of events and great attractions, for example the rapids ride "Kållerado" (1997), the botanical garden "Lustgård" (2008) or the successfully established Christmas celebration (since 2000), make Liseberg one of the worldwide most popular amusement parks. Since Gothenburg's number one tourist attraction takes very well care of fans of old, nostalgic rides as well as of those drawn by new, modern thrill machines, we would like to take this anniversary year to congratulate in true Swedish fashion: Grattis på ditt jubileum!

© parkscout/AF

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