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 © Futuroscope M.Vimenet -2009EuropaCorp - TF1 Films Prod. - Apipoulaï Prod - Avalanche Prod.
© Futuroscope M.Vimenet -2009EuropaCorp - TF1 Films Prod. - Apipoulaï Prod - Avalanche Prod.

Friday, July 06, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

25 years Futuroscope

A city full of futuristic buildings with a more than forward-looking architecture paired with the omnipresent topics media, film and technology: Near to the French town Poitiers, Futuroscope is celebrating its 25 anniversary this year. and is offering a completely different kind of experience to its guests than one would probably expect from an amusement park.

 © Futuroscope - M.Vimenet - Création R.Perret/N.Aubineau - D.Laming
© Futuroscope - M.Vimenet - Création R.Perret/N.Aubineau - D.Laming
Visitors from the future
Why that? Fans of wild roller coasters and typical family rides will clearly not get their money's worth. The attention is rather concentrated to attractions with visually stunning experiences, which satisfy the visitors by the use of the newest technology, clear projections, and surprising multimedia effects, taking them into a different world. That is the reason why several cinemas can be found, in which the spectators can become part of the adventure due to IMAX technology. Thereby, the bright and sharp projections can not only be found on giant flat screens but also dome- and complete 360-degree-projections are made possible by the use of the world's largest film format. Nowadays almost self-evident is the use of 3D images, but that is far not everything. In many of the attractions guests can experience the 4th and, in parts, even 5th dimension by moving seats and platforms as well as for example water, wind and scents, to create an even more intense and immersive perception.

Participation at a very special range gets possible in the attraction "The Future is Wild” ("Les Animaux du Futur”). This is kind of a dark ride where visitors discover different sceneries while sitting on trains. The most outstanding feature are the augmented-reality glasses, that are put at the visitors' disposal. By the help of these gadgets in shape of spyglasses, the scenes get taped and computers create virtual 3D animals in realtime which get projected into the scenes. Thus the creatures seem to get alive in the real world and a simultaneous interaction becomes possible. Action also can be found in "The 8th Continent, the Game” ("8e Continent, Le Jeu") in which a high amount of interactivity is offered. Prepared with laser pistols, the whole audience is jointly hunting for waste-monsters, which attacked our oceans. For every encountered beast, the players will earn points and the seas get – at least virtually – a bit cleaner.

More impressions from Futuroscope

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  • Cité du Numérique et sculptures de Toutain<br />© Futuroscope / G. Buthaud / Toutain / D.LAMING
  • La Vienne Dynamique<br />© Caroline Schiff / Blend Images / Getty Images - harmonie57 et philpictore  Fotolia.com - O CHAVAROT
  • Bild aus Fotogalerie<br />© Manuel Vimenet - Parc du Futuroscope
  • 8e continent, le jeu<br />© Futuroscope_AC2I - Alterface
  • Vue d'ensemble<br />© Futuroscope Foto: J.L Audy; Architekt: D. Laming
  • Die neue Showattraktion im Futuroscope: iMagic<br />© Futuroscope - M.Vimenet - B.Lotth
  • Mission Eclabousse<br />© Manuel Vimenet - Futuroscope

This is a good example to show which orientation many of the attractions have: Often topics like environment and nature, especially the animal kingdom get highlighted precisely, but there are also well-known stories and figures to find in the park. So is the last year's novelty "Arthur, the 4D Adventure” ("Arthur, L'aventure 4D"), in which the viewers embark on a journey written by Luc Besson, who created the thematic background to this attraction with his film "Arthur and the Invisibles”. This trip in a simulator even was awarded as best innovation in this field. But there is more to explore in the 25th season as well: New this year is for example "The little Prince” ("Le Petit Prince”), whose adventures take place in one of the many cinemas. Furthermore plenty of new shows perfect the range and even a new ride. "The Machines of da Vinci” ("Les Machines de Leonard") enables to rise high into the sky just by the use of the own muscular strength sitting on gondolas similar to bicycles. This attraction allows to take a welcomed time out from the many film-based adventures, and so do the panorama tower and few little rides as for example a Butterfly by manufacturer Heege.

 © Futuroscope - M.Vimenet
© Futuroscope - M.Vimenet
Arthur, the 4D Adventure
Taking a break between the many movies is also possible by just taking a walk through the beautiful parkway and explore the different pavilions, which all are definitely eye-catchers and quite astonishing. Designed futuristicly, the extraordinary buildings give form to the parks's landscape enormously. Just after dusk they literally shine in a very special brilliance, when many illuminations make sure that the fronts appear even just a little more breathtaking. The evening is home to a very special event as well: The Show "The Blue Note Mystery” ("Le Mysère de la Note Bleue") is taking place at the central lake and provides a further visual highlight with it's projections. But the pictures are not displayed on normal screens, no, they are shown on several waterwalls, which then come to live. By the use of laser and pyrotechnic the spectacle is a worthy ending of a adventurous day.

To make the day an over-all success, it is highly demanded to keep track of the different starting times of the movies and attractions by entering the park. Otherwise you might miss one, because there a plenty of films to watch in different languages. Despite the high level of edutainment, the park is inadvisable to very small children, because there are hardly any opportunities to let the horses run free and the many movie-based experiences ask for a great amount of concentration. However, for fans of technology and films it is definitely a must see!

© parkscout/AM

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