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Attractions and short trips in Venezuela

Attractions and short trips in Venezuela

The South American country is located on the Caribbean coast and shares borders with Brazil, Colombia and Guyana. Venezuela has some of the larges oil reserves in the world, raising four fifth of the export earnings and half of the state revenues.

Tourism up to now is of relatively minor importance in Venezuela. However, its nothern coastline includes numerous beautiful islands, and the jungle in the interior of the country holds a genuine fascination. Moreover, the tropical country is considered a state with extremely high biodiversity.

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Featured attractions
Av. Principal de Manongo Nro. 175-505 | Valencia | Venezuela
 Details: Dunas

Los Aleros
Carretera Boconó - Trujillo | Boconó | Venezuela
 Details: Los Aleros

Jardín Botánico de Mérida
Av. Alberto Carnevali | 5101 Mérida | Venezuela
 Details: Jardín Botánico de Mérida

Avenida El Milagro 2 | Maracaibo | Venezuela
 Details: Aguamania

Parque el Agua
Av. 31 de Julio, El Cardón | Isla Margarita | Venezuela
 Details: Parque el Agua

Parque Italo Americano
Final Avenida Nueva Granada | Caracas | Venezuela
 Details: Parque Italo Americano
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