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Attractions and short trips in Slovakia

Attractions and short trips in Slovakia

Slovakia was under the domination of Hungary for almost 900 years. In the 20th century, Slovakia formed an integral part of the sovereign state of Czechoslovakia for several years.

The Slovak Republic is a landlocked state in Central Europe, and is extremely popular among skiers and hikers because of the mountain range called High Tatra. Furthermore, Bratislava's castle and its worth seeing old town attract more and more visitors to the Slovak capital.

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Featured attractions
Aquapark Tatralandia
Raztocka 21 | 03105 Liptovský Mikuláš | Slovakia
 Details: Aquapark Tatralandia

Bobová dráha Alpincoaster
Dedovka 40 | 02301 Ošcadnica | Slovakia
 Details: Bobová dráha Alpincoaster

Aquapark Aquacity Poprad
Športová 1397/1 | 058 01 Poprad | Slovakia
 Details: Aquapark Aquacity Poprad

Zoo Kosice
Široká 31 | 04006 Kosice | Slovakia
 Details: Zoo Kosice

Zoologická záhrada Bratislava
Mlynská dolina 1 | 842 27 Bratislava | Slovakia
 Details: Zoologická záhrada Bratislava

Holiday Village Tatralandia
Ráztocká 21 | 031 05 Liptovský Mikuláš | Slovakia
 Details: Holiday Village Tatralandia

Aquapark Senec
Štefánikova 713/55 | 90301 Senec | Slovakia
 Details: Aquapark Senec

Lanový park Monkey Way
Dedovka 40 | 02301 Ošcadnica | Slovakia
 Details: Lanový park Monkey Way

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