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Attractions and short trips in Israel

Attractions and short trips in Israel

In 1948, Israel was founded as the new Jewish state. It is situated between Asia and Africa, along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The Middle East country borders Lebanon to the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan in the east and south east, Egypt in the southwest, and the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea to the south.

Owing to the fact that Israel is the place of origin of three global religions, religious tourism in particular is an important industry. After the Gazar war in 2009, Israel has registered a significant increase in tourism since 2010.

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Featured attractions
Yamit water park
Riryat Sharet | Holon | Israel
 Details: Yamit water park

Ramat Gan Safari
Derech Lod | 52109 Ramat Gan | Israel
 Details: Ramat Gan Safari

Rokah boulevard 150 | Tel Aviv | Israel
 Details: Meymadion

Maryland Ave 5 | 75150 Rishon LeZion | Israel
 Details: Superland

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
Derech Aharon Sholov | 91008 Jerusalem | Israel
 Details: Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Luna Park

Rokah Avenue | 24049 Tel Aviv | Israel
 Details: Luna Park

Coral World Eilat
Coral Beach | 88000 Eilat | Israel
 Details: Coral World Eilat

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
| Jerusalem | Israel
 Details: Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
ilinkBotanical Gardens
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