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Attractions and short trips in Argentina

Attractions and short trips in Argentina

Argentina is South America's second largest country by land area, after Brazil. Its continental area borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, and Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast. The Andes mountain range on the western side forms a natural border with Chile.

For a number of years now, Argentinia has been focusing increasingly on tourism, especially on coastal towns. Moreover, many tourists are keen on visiting cities such as Mar del Plata and Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires. In and around these cities are the country's best-known amusement parks.

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Featured attractions
Buenos Aires Zoo
Av. Sarmiento y Av. Las Heras | Buenos Aires | Argentina
 Details: Buenos Aires Zoo

Aquarium Mar del Plata
Av. Martínez de Hoz 5600 | 7600 Mar del Plata | Argentina
 Details: Aquarium Mar del Plata

Neverland Park
Av. Duarte Quirós 1400 Alberdi - 200 | 5000 Córdoba City | Argentina
 Details: Neverland Park

Parque de la Costa

Gral. Mitre 2 | 1648 Tigre | Argentina
 Details: Parque de la Costa

Mundo Marino
Av. Décima 157 | San Clemente del Tuyu | Argentina
 Details: Mundo Marino

Super Park

Amado J. Roldàn S/N | Córdoba | Argentina
 Details: Super Park

Bioparque Temaikèn
Ruta 25, Km. 1 | Escobar | Argentina
 Details: Bioparque Temaikèn

Route 2, Km 386 | Mar del Plata | Argentina
 Details: Aquasol
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