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Swim with dolphins or assist a dolphin trainer
I did visit this place in october month 2014 and Adaland gave me that impression that it was possible to go and swim with their dolphins by buying a program for 90 EUR so I chose to buy a ticket to that program.

The progam was only about training a dolphin different kind of behaviors by using signals and by reward the dolphin with fish every time it obeyed the signals correctly. The dolphin was more interesting in the dolphin trainer and the box with fish then it was to me, so the dolphin trainer has sometimes problems with getting the dolphin to swim over to me.

I was just assisting a dolphin trainer with training of a dolphin in different ways, like give signals to the dolphin, be operating as a check point for where the dolphin should go to and so on. The dolphin trainer was paid to be working but I paid to be working as his assistant. That really sucks :(

Both the dolphin and I was told what to do and when to do it through the entire program but if the dolphin and I was free to move around together in the water as we pleased through the entire program, then I would have been swimmed with a dolphin. They sold me work and let me believe that it's a swimming program, that is whitout doubt a master stroke but in least it was a real living dolphin and not an inflatable dolphin LOL :D

No one shall pee in my cup and then tell me it's just tea. I left Adaland with very bad taste in my mouth. I should have known better, if something sounds to good to be true, then it probably is and this time it was :(

I found out that I actualy need a permission to work outside of my country, which I didn't have so I have also been working illegally too. Not good :( I will definitely not recommend anyone to waste money on the dolphins at this place.

I have a video from this place. Just go to or and search for "swim with dolphins vs assist a dolphin trainer"

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David Ousted, 05-Dec-2014


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